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*« CHALLENGIOR » is a neologism, a new word to represent our brand. It refers to the English word « challenge » coming from the old French word « chalenge », which was first a legal action and then a challenge. 

*It was not until the 14th century that the word was introduced in the English language to mean "charge or provocation", then "challenge in a fight", which gave the meaning of the sporting events in which the title holder is challenged by the competitors (or challengers the equivalent of our challengiors). The word then came back in the French language as an anglicism.

Challengior, escape and think outside the box!


Our jogger pants CHALLENGIOR, with 2 side pockets, provides you with comfort when you do sports or when lounging at home. Its modern and slim fit makes them a pleasant pant to wear, a real "must-have" in your wardrobe! Thanks to the elasticated waist and the drawstrings, you will be able to precisely adjust the pants to your size.

Designed to keep you incredibly comfortable throughout your sport sessions, our cotton jogger pants, printed with ORGANIC inks, are a very trendy right now. Our men's jogger pants are the ideal match for a variety of hoodies and sweats. Expect to fall in love with our casual jog pants from the moment you put them on. Wear our everyday CHALLENGIOR jogger pants and be fashionable!


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