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*Being a celebrated bestiarius, Carpophorus was instinctively gifted when it came to fighting wild animals, and he was far more skilled at fighting animals in the arena than at fighting in hand-to-hand combat against fellow gladiators. Carpophorus would routinely face off against vicious wild animals such as lions, bears, leopards, and rhinos. He even fought at the opening of the famed Flavian Amphitheater and defeated bears, lions, and leopards in a single battle. On another occasion, he killed a rather ferocious rhino with a single spear. But his personal best and the crowd’s favorite performance came when he killed 20 different beasts in a single battle. His skills in the titanic combats against animals, on an unprecedented scale, led him to be compared with Hercules.

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Imagined in Brittany and printed in France, our sweatshirts are all pleasing to wear, soft to the touch and comfortable. For men, women or children, every garment is designed and made to last. Then it’s you to you to choose how to wear it.

Our garments are made only from natural fibres from sustainable plantations that lend unrivalled softness to our items. Organic cotton is not an option, it’s a requirement.

3 colors are currently available: black, blue and grey. For sweatshirts WITHOUT zipper, the visual is positioned in the front. For sweatshirts WITH zipper, the visual is positioned in the back.


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